Situated in South-east Asia, Malaysia shares land and maritime border with various Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and is a bustling melting pot of races and religions, where you will find Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups all living together in one of the most peaceful multicultural regions in the world. The multiculturalism of Malaysia has made it a food lover’s paradise and has also made it home to hundreds of colorful festivals that celebrate the warm, friendly and laid back Malaysian lifestyle. The area is attractive to many travelers for its contrasting architecture of huge skyscrapers next to small wooden houses built on stilts and its majestic sandy beaches and humid mangroves among other attractions. It is clear that Malaysia has a lot to offer and is an interesting place with unique people and a diverse background. A kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, heritage and history, Malaysia offers you a plethora of activities to do. From adventurous water sports to thrilling treks, nature trails to beautiful landscapes, age-old temples to contemporary theme parks and exotic culinary experiences, Malaysia has it all.